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Contrast Older Than They Think, which goes the other way.

"The unusual thing about Russia is that it reached cultural maturity in the nineteenth century.

Are you going to give me "cultural" excuses about why Africans are incapable of organizing a functional civilization as well?

The Indians cannot believe the mother Ganges would do them harm, so they throw everything disgusting to humans into it.

To us, defiling their sacred site in this way is unforgivable, but them it is being devout.

Not even an animal in the wild would tolerate such squalor.

Remember this set of photos the next time you encounter some snooty Indian doctor/dentist/computer programmer/etc.

Yeah, well, there is a big factor also religious, hinduism and the caste system is awful, these people in the photos come from the foot of Brahma, then they are lower, they have big karma, many, most, accept that life because they feel they are paying the karma, grettings..

So basically you're making "cultural" excuses for it?'Traditions' which appear or claim to be old are often quite recent in origin and sometimes invented."So you've run across a trope or story element that seems unspeakably old.It simply drips with antiquity and grandeur, so you assume that it must have been around since the first caveman.But then you research it a little more, and discover...that it was invented by a Los Angeles advertising executive in 1989?"Nothing appears more ancient, and linked to the immemorial past, than the pageantry which surrounds British monarchy in its public ceremonial manifestations.

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