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In hindsight, this is an obvious error however if you attempt to connect to Domino without checking your ACLs or Indexing, then you will be bound to get this error at some stage. There is no way to fix this issue from the FIM side of things.

If you see any errors between the “Connectivity” and “Global Parameters” page then check: Verify this connection is working and potentially error free by checking the ‘Time Zone’ information on the “Global Parameters” page of the Domino Connector properties.

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Recertifying John manually in Domino Administrator using the sales ID works fine.

I also want the change of user's OU to take effect immediately without telling Domino Console to process it.

Also I've no luck with changing the user's OU/Department. Currently using Recertify User but it pops an error about certifier ID is not an ancestor of something. our company only use the last name as name Call adminp. Full Name(0), newlastname) 'for change ou Call adminp.

For example, I want to move a user from Technical department to Sales Department (John/Technical/ACME to John/Sales/ACME).

The Technical Reference document supplied with the Connector from Microsoft is good ( but not perfect and in my opinion is probably missing about 10% of the information required to get an import and export working with the connector.

There’s some key information missing from the document, at least in terms of interpreting ‘error codes’ because when you run into errors (and I’d be amazed if you didn’t!The second section will be listing the errors I encountered (interpreted as a Microsoft FIM expert, not Domino remember!) and the actions I needed to follow up with the Domino expert to get the Connector working in both directions.During the login attempt to Lotus Domino server you may receive the "Administrator ID has expired" error that prevent a successful login.Expired IDs must be recertified because the users will not be able to authenticate with any servers.The above 2 process don't have to run at the same time because a user couldn't have name and OU change at the same time.

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