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It was meant to be the glorious Next Step of the hard-grafting, long-grinding formula that brought MMOs to the fore in the late ‘90s, catering to the stoic ethos of first-gen MMOs: put in the hours, work as a team, master the esoteric systems, and you will be justly rewarded. The problem was that Wo W changed the MMO rulebook beyond recognition, dazzling a new generation of gamers (and everyone else, for that matter) to immediately leave its two-week-old rival feeling like a lower-league has-been.Also - cue sad trombone jingle - because Ever Quest II was designed under the assumption that single-core CPUs would continue to get bigger and better (possibly based on Intel’s rather off-the-mark predictions).Second, Sony’s sale of SOE to investment company Columbus Nova in 2015, which led to staff layoffs, the departure of key community-facing figures in the company, and the rebranding of SOE as Daybreak Games.

But when the company reshuffled to become Daybreak, communications began to diminish, so Feldon stepped up to do something about it.

He even helped the developers set up the Ever Quest II Discord channel that he would eventually be banned from.

In either case, ACT or the stand-alone program must be run as admin in order to see open files used by programs.

Following the prompts, you may be asked to accept downloading the utility Handle and confirm selecting the detected open EQ2 log, if found.

“They even banned Feldon, the guy who runs the best EQ2 fan site (EQ2Wire).

He eventually stopped working on the site.” Morgan Feldon, I soon learn, was something of a pillar in the Ever Quest II community.Mounted on a flying horse-thing (no, not a unicorn), I was struck by how good the world still looks, all homely and curvaceous and unfettered by the rigid, right-angled geometries of the MMOs that came before it.Arriving in the Qeynos harbour, I was greeted by seagulls flying overhead and a pastel-pink sunset, with NPCs bimbling around, turning their heads as I walked by and chirping away in a panoply of accents that had more variety in five minutes than you would hear in a 30-hour tour of Skyrim. But it also feels like a world very specifically designed around accommodating a lot of players, making its sprawling town squares and eerily stretched-out interiors feel all the more sparse, like they never anticipated for us to see them this empty.“Now, there is ‘Shut up and take it’ from the team.” Communication has been pared back and heavily moderated, with players accusing Daybreak of rejecting all criticism and clamping down on perceived dissent.“On Discord, the dev team just bans people when they don’t like what’s being said,” Djak tells me.It is all very welcoming nevertheless, especially with the interface off, but the free-to-play layer soon rears its head.

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