Effects of intimacy in premarital dating and success in relationships

This preparedness and confidence should thus lead to lower divorce rates for those who cohabitated before marriage than those who did not cohabitate.

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In one survey 61% of young adults reported that pre-marital cohabitation improves a person’s chance at marriage (Kline, et al. Given this positive view of cohabitation, and the vast number of couples who choose to cohabitate, is there a way to avoid the costs of cohabitation?

Every relationship is different, but this vast literature seems to boil down into a clear suggestion – don’t cohabitate until you and your partner are both sure that you are invested in the future of the relationship.

Cohabitation also represents a potential “sunk cost.” Each additional investment into the relationship makes it that much harder to end the relationship.

People may have a harder time cutting their losses when they think about all the time, energy, and money they put into the relationship, even cutting their losses will save them more heartache in the future.

The majority of studies citing a relationship between mental health problems, including substance and alcohol use, and number of sex partners are correlational in nature.

As a result, it’s impossible to tell whether people seek sex partners in an effort to “self-medicate;” in other words to reduce the emotional pain they are experiencing, by seeking sexual connections with others, even if fleeting.

Women may eventually propel their less-dedicated partners into rockier marriages.

The bottom line: Premarital cohabitation is thought to be a practical and smart choice for a majority of people today.

Couples who live together are also more likely to spend time together, giving them less opportunity to meet other potential partners. Timing is everything: Pre-engagement cohabitation and increased risk for poor marital outcomes.

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