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Also, as the news of devotees is transmitted, the past relationship between Suzy and Lee Dong Wook is being re-illuminated.

Lee appeared in SBS ‘Gang Sim Jang’ six years ago and named Lee Dong Wook, who was an MC at the time, as her ideal type.

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[ 1,306, -116] She really was in love with another man...

[ 6,723, -444] I assumed that they'd put out articles denying it but I guess the rumors were true. [ 4,836, -1,337] Suzy's really good at landing these relationships ㅋㅋㅋ picking up all the super handsome ones all for herself ㅋ 4.

South Korean actor Lee Dong Wook‘s agency King Kong by Starship stated that the actor and K-Pop idol Suzy were currently getting to know each other as they just recently began dating.

Their initial relationship was more like one between a mentor and mentee but gradually developed into one as each others’ love interest.

He has appeared in KBS2 ‘School’ series, ‘Loving You’, SBS ‘My Girl’ and last year he stared the second prime time through TVN ‘Dokkaebi’.

Suzy made her debut with the girl group Miss A in 2010, and the following year, KBS2 ‘Dream High’ began to expand the scope of actress.

They broke up a few months after Lee Mon Ho began his mandatory military.

Earlier this year, rumors started swirling that Lee Min Ho and Suzy were dating again.

I have to admit to not being up to date with K-Ent gossip as I only recently learned of the Suzy/Lee Min Ho break-up.

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