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On July 14, an al-Qaeda militant drove an explosives-laden vehicle into a group of Spanish tourists visiting the ancient temple of the Queen of Sheba in Marib, killing eight Spaniards and two Yemenis (BBC News, July 14).

In turn, Yemeni security services killed four al-Qaeda militants involved in the attack, one of whom escaped from a Sanaa prison last year.

Yet, Tarek Bin Laden’s pedigree should add additional concerns. soldiers present (1,800 in all) will be the ones already stationed in Djibouti, a potentially short drive from Yemen. First, Djibouti is crucially located at the Horn of Africa. Rear Admiral James Hart, commander of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA), U. Central Command, recently explained to Le Monde: “In 2002, we thought that al-Qaeda might move from Afghanistan to Africa and we wanted to have a military force here.

More than merely a developer, in the 1990s he was general supervisor of the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), a fraudulent Saudi group designated by the U. Treasury Department as having aided al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups’ fundraising efforts. Second, it is a moderate Muslim country and is politically stable amid a chaotic region. We also wanted our soldiers to train Africans in order for them to get professional armies, capable of fighting off the terrorist threat.

Al-Qaeda’s activity and infrastructure in Yemen indicates a growing presence in the country, despite President Saleh’s cooperation with the U. Some terrorism experts have even questioned whether bin Laden has sought refuge in one of these areas after losing his sanctuary in Afghanistan in late 2001. Embassy in Sanaa warned its employees to avoid tourist sites, restaurants and shopping malls.

Interestingly enough, the United States seems all the more aware of the dangerous situation in Yemen. Explaining that the risk of terrorist attacks against Westerners was considered high (al-Qaeda might want to lead a new terror wave campaign), they were recommended not to leave their workplace or residence except in case of a major emergency (al-Watan, August 28).The second development, potentially far more troubling, is the newly announced project to build the world’s longest bridge—17 miles connecting Yemen and Djibouti—under Tarek bin Laden’s Middle East Development LLC. The proposed construction of a bridge connecting Yemen and Djibouti, however, is likely to threaten the ongoing U. The internal al-Qaeda situation reports found that the rampant warlordism prevalent in Somalia made it too difficult to do business.The United States may finally be recognizing the significance of Africa to its own national interests. wants to see its share of African oil imports go from 15% to 25% by 2015. There were simply too many separate leaders to pay-off who were ultimately unreliable partners.The project physically and figuratively links al-Qaeda in Arabia to the African continent, posing a serious long-term security dilemma. It appears that the United States is there to stay; indeed, it recently renewed its lease for five more years with an option for 10 additional, and the size of the camp has just been multiplied by five. For the next year, the nascent AFRICOM will take over responsibilities from EUCOM, under the recently confirmed General William E. Six years after the September 11 attacks, it is baffling to imagine a project under Tarek bin Laden, through a California-based firm, linking Yemen to Africa. Other attacks have since been directed at oil facilities employing foreign workers.

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