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A patient Pisces opens the world up to her Scorpio man, allowing him to see the bigger picture rather than just unconnected detail.

Pisces easily molds into her Scorpio lover’s life and pastimes.

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The Pisces woman needs to lean on her Scorpio man for protection and stability. In return, Scorpio man can talk with her because she is a patient listener.

He can share his innermost secrets with his Pisces lover because she will keep them with her and only her.

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On the site you can have a 3 people video conference.They own each other and enjoy their and strong ways of loving and watery passion.Scorpio man learns how to be less suspicious while Pisces woman learns to be stronger.She brings out the Scorpio man’s protective instincts.Both Scorpio and Pisces appreciate harmony and stability.Actually, as time goes by, she will no doubt come to love and admire him. Yet, both signs have a strong emotional bond that helps reinforce their union by genuine love and respect.

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