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Having just a 401(k) or an IRA where you max it out and that’s it for one year is like a walk in the park.

But as a middle age parent who feels its important to diversify, I’ve had a lot of investment changes and opportunities since college.

the competent authority which is responsible to oversee the performance of obligations by the reporting institutions, facilitate the enforcement of the AMLATFPUAA and co-operate with the foreign financial intelligence units; b.

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The last thing I wanted to do was turn a strong performing investment since 2005 into a poor one going forward.

I went through many hours of deliberation regarding where to invest the proceeds.

supervisory and regulatory authorities which are responsible to facilitate in the implementation of the AMLATFPUAA.

The Minister of Finance has appointed BNM as the competent authority under the AMLATFPUAA.

Further, I went out to dinner with the Realty Shares investment committee twice to do more due diligence on their investment process before deploying $500,000 in additional capital. As someone who worked in the finance industry, consulted with a couple digital wealth advisors, and who has been investing his own money for over 20 years, I was familiar with the entire process of managing money. Because I’m actively working from home and helping take care of my little one, my time is stretched.

When you earn money, the path of least resistance is to simply hoard cash. But hoarding cash since 2009 has been a huge mistake.

Incorporating Latest Amendments up to Act A1443/2013 cif [*Note: Section 61 to Section 66 of Part VIII of this Act have not come into force yet.

In this regard, Part III of the repealed Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958 (Revised-1994) [Act 519] on currency containing Section 18 to Section 27A are still in force notwithstanding the repeal of that Act] An Act to provide for the establishment, administration, powers and duties of a Central Bank of Malaysia.

I wrote quarterly investment reports to track my progress.

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