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Ran for five seasons (1997-2002), and was especially successful in its first three, but also critically divisive.

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Though his and Dharma's relationship has been rocky at times, Greg has never been shown to regret their marriage.

He is an alumnus of the famous Phillips Exeter Academy, Harvard University, and Stanford Law School.

Greg's life was hopelessly banal before he met Dharma and married her on their first date.

Since then, he has played straight man to the antics of his eccentric wife.

His philosophy for dealing with his wife, Kitty, involves remaining as uninvolved as possible.

Head of Montgomery Industries (though he keeps going to work only because he can see little tugboats out the window) and at odds with Dharma's father, who calls him "Ed" and whom he calls "Finkelstein." Ed is often seen drinking martinis and Scotch.As an elite socialite, Kitty was initially quite displeased to have Dharma and her parents join the family, but over the course of the series, Kitty broadens her limited country club world to becoming part of a larger family and becomes a major part of Dharma's life while remaining lovingly manipulating.Mitch Ryan as Edward Montgomery, Greg's eccentric father.He also thinks he's wanted by the FBI, but when Greg discovers he's not, his family goes to great lengths to prove to him that he still is because, oddly, this is a source of great pride to him.Despite this, he manages to get along with Edward, often when both are sick of dealing with their wives. I care everytime that maid puts a meal down in front of you.

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