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I wish I could’ve uncovered the stories behind Trevor and Eugene in NYC, Sébastien and Étienne in Montreal, James and Tristan in San Francisco, Andriy, Luca, and Anselmo in Italy, or Niklas, Marlon, and Yannick in Berlin.

Thank you for allowing me to take long walks in Italy with a violinist, and a journalist — and for allowing me to realize that romance is walking in the rain under one umbrella with a charming, listening, adorkable architecture student, and better yet, around Trevi Fountain.

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Thank you for showing me that dates don’t have to be so formal (at least in Berlin).

I can split the check, and talk about weird things, like life, art, even good and bad previous dating experiences.

It was surprisingly sloppy and I realized kissing is actually kind of gross, and there’s not much to it except for two people accepting a desire to be intimate and kind of gross with each other.

Thank you for teaching me how to make a cigarette from that tall, lanky Swedish guy in the leather jacket who hilariously called me a “sexy cat” (I had cat whiskers painted on my face in one of my profile photos).

You sparked a peaceful love I hadn’t ever experienced until you introduced us.

He became someone I cared for every single day for many days, and someone who would surprise me each day by caring for me back. You showed me long distance relationships are a thing I can do and can enjoy because it’s a lot about creatively communicating our thoughts and feelings with each other on a daily basis.A face I had seen on a screen turned into a one-and-half-year long journey of a meaningful, long distance relationship that I will never forget.You introduced me to my first serious relationship that was unlike any romance film or story I’d ever seen in media.In the midst of the negative noise around online dating, I just want to say thank you to the app for the good — the humanity — it has in fact introduced into my life.Thank you for empowering me with choices — for giving me the space to be the first to start conversations as a lady and remember I am fearless.(I must say, I am still bitter about you allowing me to miss my flight the next morning and pay a 0 fee to take another plane, but I guess I can’t exactly blame you for that).

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