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But she had some trepidation about diving headfirst into the dating scene.So she took the first small step of setting up an Ok Cupid account.

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“If you’re not at a gay bar, it’s difficult to know who is queer or straight.

Tinder, Ok Cupid, and Grindr help LGBTQ people sidestep the awkward ‘Are you into people like me?

There are several apps for gay women, some of which admittedly have become something of a punchline (really though, who actually uses Her? Gay men have Scruff, Jack’d, and perhaps the most well-known same-sex dating site of them all, Grindr, which has more than 5 million users.

The relative anonymity of these apps presents a major appeal to closeted users.

“If I had never used a dating site, I really think my coming-out process would have been a lot more drawn out and a lot more difficult,” she says.

“The way I met my partner was through someone who introduced me to her, but I would have been way more nervous to meet her if I hadn’t had any interaction before that.” Despite the recent smattering of trend pieces (written largely from straight perspectives) about the death of Tinder and similar apps, since their inception, online dating services have fostered virtual safe spaces where people can test and transform their sexual identities.“So it was nice to be able to put myself in that network and for people to know and I can say ‘I am a queer woman’ and talk to other queer femme women.” Eric Resnick, an online dating coach and consultant for several major online dating companies, says even just 10 years ago, people seeking same-sex partners online were limited to fetish or sex sites.“If you thought you might have an interest in the same gender, there were not a whole lot of places to look,” he says.I don’t write these stories; they practically write themselves. Once upon a time, I attended a reputable institution of higher learning. “Now, it’s as simple as typing in ‘looking for’ in your area.

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