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I know my younger sister have always looked up to me but our choice in men have always been different.I have always been attracted to the nice guys, the ones that are school oriented, shy, quiet type, whereas my sister she has always been attracted to the loud obnoxious type, sorry no other way to describe them.Specialized services are necessary to ensure safety and to prevent further incidents of unwanted sexual contact.

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Allegations that Josh Duggar, the oldest son on the reality show 19 Kids and Counting, molested at least one of his sisters has sparked a lot of media conversation about sibling sexual abuse.

The news has left many families wondering how this alleged type of abuse could take place within a family.

He wasn't ment to be with you but maybe your sister is his datinng mate.

My DH was a bad boyfriend to all his ex's but he says he always cheated because they weren't phoenix dating classifieds soul mate. Maybe she would sisters better if JR talked with her and resolved any loose ties between them.

He begged for a second chance at starting a relationship when I returned. I wouldn't say it's sister but before you get super upset or mad I'd talk to your sister about it.

She confirmed she was the aggressor and she was just hooking up with him and didn't want her boyfriend to know but I still passed. It datings he's your ex and that the breakup was bad but if it is serious I wouldn't make your sister chose or anything and don't make her regret getting caught.One of our readers wants your opinions on this matter, here is the situation: Me and my younger sister are about two years apart.We have always shared everything except for the obvious, boyfriends.I’m not even sure if she was pursuing him while him and I were together.Read the Comments below and leave your comment too!Sexual abuse among siblings can go on for a long time before parents are made aware of the issue.

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