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All evening, Glenn can’t make it more than 10 paces without someone, usually a giggling, polite, teenage blonde, asking for a photo. At one point, a bespectacled young guy presses his face to Glenn’s hands and reverently sighs, “I should be on my knees.” “I wonder how he’ll feel in about a month,” Glenn muses when we clear the throng.

In five weeks, Provo – an 88 percent Mormon town, in which rock clubs don’t sell alcohol, only soda – will get the news, along with the rest of the world, that Glenn has been quietly sharing with friends and family for a couple of months: He’s gay, has known he’s gay since he was six years old and has been living a closeted life for decades that choked his spirit and threatened his sanity.

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Lately, she as been seen at couple of charity events in N.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Tyler Glenn, lead vocalist for the band Neon Trees reveals that he is as gay as George Clooney.

Most other 16-year-olds at Glenn’s church, the Alta Murrieta Ward, would stand in front of the congregation and say a prayer over the sacrament on Sundays, but Glenn got stonewalled.

“I wasn’t allowed to because of the way I looked – they said I was a distraction,” he recalls dryly.

According to a sister2sister interview in March 2012, "I'm very much in love and she love me".

According to Ebony 2012, she was almost pregnant and "this is the longest relationship he has ever been in.

And while the band has no overt religious affiliation, it credits the Church of Latter-day Saints’ strict ordinances against drinking and drugs – which the members have adopted as band rules – with helping its rise.

The question is: Will Neon Trees’ hometown fans embrace songs like “Living in Another World,” off their upcoming album lenn and Neon Trees guitarist Chris Allen were childhood neighbors in Murrieta, a San Diego suburb known for its large Mormon population and scenic vineyards – to this day, Glenn has a surfer-dude stare and proclivity for the word “stoked” that is straight-up Southern California.

No one has seen this woman yet, he's very protective of her and their relationship.

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