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I know I could get off my ass, get dressed, and go for a drink somewhere.

Sure but I’d be going out on my own, and do I really want to meet some guy 25 that is still going out drinking all the time?

It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds, but insecurity seems to be at an all time high from both men and women.

As a male, I also used to get up in arms about situations where the person I am dating, would constantly talk to other men, or male friends, or hang out – but I learned to screen women very quickly to save myself from becoming too invested if things didn’t work out. However, this type of behavior also has very negative effects on a developing relationship with different types of people.

I believe it all comes down to learning how to be a lot more open with each other, and being more trusting of our partners.

Personally, I have learned to trust my instincts, and fall in love slowly – and that is how I met my beautiful wife. I think a lot of modern day insecurity around dating stems from what the online world calls “pickup artistry”, where men will memorize fake stories, pickup lines, and other things that they think are attractive to women.It’s true that Mental Health awareness is on the rise but a huge proportion of people still find the subject taboo - whether that’s admitting to yourself that there’s a problem, or accepting other people’s struggles.I know I’m only 25 and have my whole life ahead of me blah blah blah. Here I am, sitting at home, alone on a VERY rare Friday night off work (I work 2 jobs life is hectic) and I’m wondering how do people meet these days?It stresses ourselves, as well as our partners (or potential partners), particularly in early phases of a relationship.However, it’s not limited to just the early phases of a relationship – this can become a problem even throughout a developing or established relationship. Social media has completely changed the way we think about relationships, love, friendship, and We all know that relationships take time and effort to develop, but…One problem I have faced with several women over the years, is the never-ending dilemma of male-female friendships (and jealousy that can ensure), which can go a bit too far at times.They view rejection as a challenge, and attempt to come up with silly games, or “super secret techniques” to persuade women otherwise.

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