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If you are working with a funeral home, let them contact the minister of your choice.

Check with the funeral home or coordinator, as they may provide this for you upon request.

While this detail may not be top of mind, having a guest book will be very appreciated.

The person you choose to officiate will have a large part in shaping the overall dynamics of the funeral service.

As a Christian, keep in mind this important detail when planning the funeral service.

But there’s a few other things that we can learn from him.

So, in this story Jesus is going from town to town to teach his people.

Whether or not you are giving the eulogy, it is helpful to have certain facts and information available.

Here is a sample eulogy outline to aid you in preparing the necessary information.

Zacchaeus was a guy that Jesus encountered in the New Testament.

One of the only things people remember about Zacchaeus was the fact that he was short.

If so, this will greatly ease the load of making decisions and guessing what your loved one would have wanted.

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