Dating someone with herpes

It took me weeks to truly come to terms with what had happened.

I was living in a depressed state within my own mind, yet I was putting on a show with a smile on my face for everyone else who didn't know what I was going through.

After getting an STD, I slept around with guys just so I could feel “normal” again.

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There are a lot of really tough life questions out there.

Here are just a few: How do you know if someone really loves you?

People who have chronic or recurrent infections can take suppression to decrease their chances of transmission, but it can still happen." Drinking excessively, rageful texting, and posting any type of "feeling" on Facebook are three things to definitely avoid. If you find yourself really depressed over the situation, talking to a professional is also not a bad idea. But remember that everything you're feeling is totally normal.

Let's face it: this situation SUCKS, especially if not all the feelings are actually gone. Relationships, even if they ended years ago, have a way of sticking with you and shaping you so it's only natural if you feel weird, sad, or even skeeved out. People in relationships will be the first to tell you that after a while, sex becomes routine. That said, when you're with the same person day in, day out, it can, and will, get old. Just because you might not be feeling the old repertoire doesn't mean you can't strike up a new one.

I used denial as a coping mechanism, and I ended up emotionally damaging myself even more in the process. But when guys wanted me and wanted to sleep with me — even though I didn't disclose my status to them — I felt I was still desirable and worthy of affection.

I was seeking validation from guys because I couldn't find it within myself anymore. I was letting guys use me and treat me like crap because inside my mind, I didn't feel I deserved any better.Michael Krychman, executive director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine."Many people can have HSV (herpes) or be shedding the virus without symptoms. HSV is a virus that lives in the body and can reappear.My world had come temporarily crashing down, and most people had no idea.After I made it through the initial shock and anger phase of being diagnosed with herpes, I tried to move on.The only true way to deal with this is time, but that's the incredibly lame answer that no one wants to hear because we wanted to feel better five minutes ago. And those couples who insist their sex is always fiery, passionate, and pornographic are definitely lying. "Being in a rut usually comes from having sex the same way all the time, either in the same position, place, or time, or if it follows the same format," says Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland and co-author of Cavanah suggests exploring erotica or porn together as a way to come up with new ideas.

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