Dating sites racial preference

Stating that “brown people” don’t express the level of dominance desired in a partner builds upon and contributes to racist stereotypes that serve the interests of whiteness.

Dating sites suggest that we are all humans searching for acceptance by one another through some form of partnership.

What would you decide about racial preferences– are you racist?

You may argue that these apps only provide these features per request of the consumer—consumer demand.

However by creating these features, these apps promote the conditions of further racial segregation and racist attitudes.

Both Grindr and Jack’d have filters, which allow the tailoring of your search results to only view people of a certain race or races that you desire.

Not to mention they also include the problematic and superficial body type features such as desired height and weight.

Tran, a Seattle native who re-located to the Bay Area after stints with Student RND and Tune, said that he primarily made Color Dating after females consistently told him that “I don’t date Asian guys,” or, “I’m just not attracted to Asian guys.” Tran felt that this was unfair and that the trend carried over into dating apps like Tinder.

He cited experiments that showed Asian males getting significantly fewer “matches” than Caucasian males and studies that demonstrated how difficult online dating can be for black women.

Why is so much emphasis placed on ethnicity and race?

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