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I'm still looking...where are all the Stoner Babes? If you are as serious as I am about finding a weed smoking partner to love, then paying a few bucks to potentially find them is well worth it. (Not just your pot, but the whole experience of enjoying life with someone HOT who has similar interests? I'd like to find a truly compatible partner who does not give me any shit based on the fact that I like my reefer. Or just laughing together about the whole experience...while you wander the streets laughing at life - together. Find an interest here, and then go find your partner for tonight or forever! It doesn't matter if you have a preference, this is a GOOD thing.

Have some fun, be honest, let loose a little, and get a date who might bring their own stash! Come find me, or at least help me or someone better - find you. If you are seeking the added Karma of God in your relationship - You can date Christians, or maybe you prefer the Jewish faith? Have you found your partner with what you have been doing?

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