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A few small pockets of sand here and there, but a majority of this coastline is at the bottom of slopes that end in rougher terrain or just drop off to pure ocean.

Dating singles leyla miliani

One of the more notable homes in Diamond Head is Doris Duke’s famous and opulent Shangri La cliffside estate on Kaikuono Pl.

There are a few other of these spectacular jewels here, however.

Insight to Diamond Head About 60 Diamond Head homes are right on the ocean, along a 2 mile stretch of spectacular predominantly white sandy beach.

Rarely do these beachfront homes come on the market for sale.

Cost is a factor present in every property transaction in the Islands.

It's an often-cited fact that you pay more in Hawaii due to the land values in a high-demand, low supply market.

You'll face greater red tape here and may even have to adjust your plans to meet what the law says is allowed in this district.

Finally, due to the lay of the land there aren't any real beaches inside the strict limits of this region.

The area features some of Honolulu’s most amazing beaches with Diamond Head Crater as the backdrop, and is home to the Diamond Head Lighthouse, which marks Oahu’s most southern point.

The top of the Crater, at 760 ft, accessible by a popular hiking trail, offers dramatic 360 degree views.

Located along the oceanfront Gold Coast is the Outrigger Canoe Club, a popular social spot among Honolulu’s movers and shakers.

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