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ABC Sex: In a long-term relationship when a couple only has sex on anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. Acrophilia: A fetish for having sex in high places such as on mountains or rooftops.

The term can also refer to a pregnancy that anchors a couple together, or guarantees one of the parents a substantial child support payment each month. Angry Dragon: An absurd sex act in which you smack the back of your sex partner’s head right after ejaculating in her mouth.

Androgynous: Characterized by both male and female attributes. This causes semen to erupt from her nostrils while she roars like a irate, fire-breathing monster.

This fetish is likely connected to the need to keep a community's gene pool diverse. A leader of a group of males who generally has first choice when it comes to selecting potential mates from a group of females.

In younger males, dominance is often related to physical dominance or an aggressive personality.

Agrexophilia: A fetish for having other people know about your sexual activities.

This can include people with agoraphilia, those who like to have loud sex, exhibitionists, people who like to put their homemade sex tapes online, or those who simply like to brag about their conquests.Alarm Clock: A partner who wakes you up for morning sex. Allorgasmia: A fetish for fantasizing about someone other than your current partner. Allotriorasty: A fetish for sex partners of another race, ethnicity, or nationality.This is common among women who are attracted to accents.Agonophiliac: A fetish for violence or fighting as foreplay.Men with this fetish are often fans of pornographic scenes that feature wrestling or rough sex. People with this fetish are often exhibitionists or people who get aroused by the thrill of potentially getting caught.Pleasure is not as much derived from the insertion of these beads, as from their extraction.

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