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It is not the last word, but rather an advantageous starting point.” I couldn’t agree more.Niederkorn’s review is highly recommended reading …

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In considering Oxfordian dates, the intention is not to prove the Earl of Oxford authorship but the possibility of a range of earlier dates for each of the 36 plays in the First Folio, and four other plays which have been attributed to Shakespeare.

Kevin Gilvary gained a BA and MA from the University of Southampton and is currently a research student at Brunel University.

A historical review of scholarship organized as a reference work, it does not interpret or try to persuade readers that any proposed date is absolute, but systematically presents what scholars have projected, lets readers consider the possibilities, and raises important questions.

There is a great deal packed into each of the play chapters in the 508 pages of Dating Shakespeare's Plays..." From a review by William S.

The new chronology is refreshingly diverse, like the world of Shakespeare authorship studies.

The main challenge to the Shakespeare orthodoxy for much of the past century has been Oxfordian, though Oxfordians, unlike Stratfordians, have made the effort inclusive and welcome into their conferences and journals advocates for Bacon, Marlowe, William Stanley, Edward Dyer, Mary Sidney, et al., including, of course, Stratfordians.

As you’ll see, this very informative volume was published in November 2010.

I only recently received a copy of the book and wanted to make sure readers of our Online News were also aware of this very useful publication.

The traditional Stratfordian chronology has always struck doubters as more or less arbitrary, arranged to neatly fit into the lifespan and presumed career of the Stratfordian Candidate — one William of Stratford.

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