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Sanhuber would later describe himself as Dolly's "sex slave".

Dolly's husband, Fred, remained unaware of the new "boarder", though on several occasions he came close to discovering the deception.

Walburga "Dolly" Oesterreich (c.1880-1961) was an American housewife, married to a wealthy textile manufacturer.

She gained notoriety for her bizarre 10-year affair with Otto Sanhuber which culminated in the shooting death of her husband.

In April 1930, the Los Angeles Times began publishing what would end up being months’ worth of eye-popping details from an exceedingly strange court case.

It involved a “comely” woman named Dolly, her murdered husband, and her lover, a man known as the “garret ghost” who, at Dolly’s behest, lived a “bat-like life in hidden rooms.” The story of how the three were intertwined is worthy of the era’s most lurid pulp novels.

Dolly Oesterreich remained in Los Angeles until her death in 1961. Oesterreich out of the marriage license bureau as she is shown almost collapsing.

Otto Sanhuber disappeared back into obscurity after his release from jail and nothing more is known about him. Walburga Oesterreich being arraigned in court on the alleged charges of murdering her husband. Oesterreich, Judge Channing Follette, and a court reporter. Walburga Oesterreich (wearing white cap) is seen sitting amongst a group of people. The house located at 593 Newport Avenue was the 3rd and last Milwaukee home purchased by the Oesterreich's. Testimony regarding scientific handwriting tests was introduced by the prosecution in an effort to show that Sanhuber once had a joint bank account with Mrs.

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