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Since Mr Obama took office, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400 per cent from the 3,000 a year or so under President George W.

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Impacting every community Domestic violence occurs regardless of age, race, ethnicity, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and religious background.

Victims come from all walks of life but most often are women.

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It could have been relatively simple for an assassin to have mingled with them in order to get close enough to shoot the new president. agent'." Mr Biden's constant travel, including back to his home state of Delaware-the burden has meant that all agents on his team have ceased training.

After Mr Obama was elected president, his two children Malia, 11, codenamed Radiance, and Sasha, eight, codenamed Rosebud, began receiving Secret Service protection. The Secret Service also started to protect Vice-President Joe Biden's children, grandchildren, and mother. According to Kessler, however, they fill in forms stating they have "taken and passed all tests, when they have not, creating a dishonest culture".The negative effects of the abuse can be seen in a wide range of cognitive, psychological and physical symptoms. children are at risk for witnessing domestic violence annually.(Jaffe, P., Wolfe, D., & Wilson, & Children of Battered Women. Researchers say these children are at an increased risk of being abused themselves.(Edleson, J. Small Group Intervention with Children of Battered Women. Impact of Spouse Abuse on Children of Battered Women.Instead of bringing in more agents - instantly identifiable because of their bulky suits, worn over bullet-proof jackets, and earpieces - the Secret Service directed agents to work longer hours to cover the extra load and to miss firearms training, physical fitness sessions and tests."We have half the number of agents we need, but requests for more agents have fallen on deaf ears at headquarters," a Secret Service agent told Kessler. The Secret Service has increasingly cut corners after it was absorbed by the new Homeland Security Department under Mr Bush."Headquarters' mentality has always been, 'You can complete the mission with what you have. Kessler said that when Mr Biden threw the first pitch at the first Baltimore Orioles game of the 2009 season, the Secret Service did not screen any of the more than 40,000 fans, stunning his agents and the local Secret Service field office.Aren't all Vets that served our country deserving, regardless of what role they played. Does this mean they have to have lost limbs, PTSD, lost a family member, I could go on and on with possibilities of what typ of vet would be deserving. But will no more, I think you have not only offened me by the words misused in the commercial, but a lot of people with Veterens in the family.

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