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Therefore, the actor dating his partner remains a rumor as the actor has never bothered to clear the rumor.Caption: Tom Joyner(left) and Tavis Smiley (right) (2013) Similarly, it has also been reported that the actor had dated T. However, as no confirmation of his dating or the reason for his break up with the stars has been obtained, so it is really difficult to identify the dating mystery amongst them.So today we are covering the story of Tavis Smiley and revealing few basic details of his love life, married life and about his sexual orientation.

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Tom Joyner and Tavis Smiley were expected to bond the relationship of friendship while hosting the show together “Tom Joyner Morning Show”(1996) since then they together hosted the annual town hall meetings which were aired live on the C-SPAN cable television network.

However, no confirmation of the actor dating his colleague has ever been confirmed by him.

Another girl he is rumored to be dating is Leshelle Sargent, a spokesperson for Smiley.

The reason behind the rumor was growing intimacy between the employer, Tavis, and Leshelle, a staff as witnessed by other employees.

He is determined to get his reputation back and sue the channel for the damage inflicted on his professional career. Tavis Smiley pushes back against allegations of sexual misconduct: “I have never groped, I have never coerced, I have never exposed myself inappropriately…I celebrate and applaud these women who’ve had the courage to come out and tell their truth.” Qczr S — Good Morning America (@GMA) December 18, 2017 Smiley denied saying that romance between colleagues is difficult to avoid. look at his audacity telling that making sexual advancements are normal. He might be as Smiley is popular for not having a female friend.

More than that he also made an announcement to talk regarding relationships in the workplace. Now he is back again, starting a new series, T, a religious-oriented cable and satellite channel and streamed online too. On second thought, it also makes us wonder why he does not have a female friend.

His fans have also stated him to be a person who has an interest in ladies.

While some fans even stated that the television personality used to date Fredricka Whitfield from CNN.

Now only the time will only tell if he is a man of his words or just acting naive.

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