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- A new telephone cable is being laid under the Irish Sea to give Dublin a direct connection with the English telephone system for the first time.

The announcement in the House of Commons in London that the cable will be operational within three months has been warmly welcomed by businessmen in Dublin.

However, the more laborious installation process means that it is only available to apartment buildings, within the catchment area, and only if enough residents express an interest in the service.

A cost effective approach to suppling a fully fibre optic broadband services to streets of houses is to partner with home building companies to lay fibre optic cables and build connections into housing estates as they're constructed, at the same time as installing other utilities like water pipes and electric cabling.

One such example is Hyperoptic, a company that is able to provide ultrafast broadband at speeds of up to 1Gb.

It does this by offering fibre-to-the-premises broadband, which bypasses the street cabinets and copper wires (which is also a reason for the faster potential speeds).

It can be expensive, requires expensive installation, and like mobile broadband comes with strict usage limits.

Fixed wireless broadband (FWB) brings internet services to rural areas where standard broadband is not available.Virgin is able to do this because the company owns its own cable network and has full control over what it chooses to sell you.Unfortunately, Virgin's network has far less coverage than Openreach, and is currently only available in around 65% of UK homes.Once your home is 'passed' by fibre, you can often pay a relatively affordable (when compared to the cost of digging up long stretches of road) installation fee to have your home connected, although you may have to dig your own trench or pay an additional fee for the provider to do this for you.Gigaclear is an ultrafast broadband provider taking this approach.One such example is Independent Fibre Networks (IFNL), a company whose broadband infrastructure is resold by providers including Direct Save Telecom.

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