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“Now you understand.”With him, my usual romantic anxiety disappeared. I get to meet lots of people.”Dating, for me, was about as fun as my job search. Within an hour of meeting me, one had boasted about the amount of sex he’d had, and another, on our second date, gave me a heads-up that his large size had caused many of his relationships to end. With appropriate romantic prospects, I had been overly polished and protective.

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Join our hero on his journey of surviving and celebrating love, sex, distance, kinda open relationships, and dad bods. 2) Because we’ve all been confused about love, sex, relationships, middle age, distance relationships or internet dating.

If you’ve never been confused by any of these things, then go see one of the other awesome fringe shows, this one will confuse you.

You might like talking about soap operas or the Battle of Britain, you might not be able to live without your china collection, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great relationship just because your date isn’t into the same things, unless it’s an absolute deal-breaker. If my husband had gone on about football on our first date as much as I now know he likes it, I don’t think we’d have got as far as a second date, never mind so many anniversaries that I lose count! It’s not the time to talk about your bitter divorce or your money worries, even if they take up a huge chunk of your current head space.

And save the lectures on global warming or the lack of affordable housing for another day, unless you sense that your date is equally fervent about such issues. Be polite You’re not going for a job interview, and you don’t need to treat the date like that, but everyone appreciates good manners.

It’s not the time to talk about heavy stuff going on in your life now or a past you’re ashamed of, but if you get asked a direct question, give an honest answer or evade the issue for now. It’s lazy and disrespectful not to take the trouble to look good for your date.

If they turn up looking like they haven’t bothered to brush their hair or clean their teeth, are you going to want a second date? Choose clothes that are comfortable and suit your personality, but make an effort to look good for the occasion. Tailor your conversation Don’t rabbit endlessly on about the things that interest you, even if you’re passionate about them, without finding out if your date is interested too. Keep it light You may have had a bad day, a bad week or even a bad year, but don’t bring your sense of injustice or rage with you to the coffee bar or restaurant, if you don’t want to be thought of ever after as the miserable one or the angry one and not see your date for dust.One of them would appear, flush with alcohol and annoyance, and promise to turn it down. When they didn’t, I would call the doorman, the management company and, once, the police. One afternoon in the elevator, I saw one of the guys from next door in jeans and a T-shirt, his dark hair slightly receding.“Are you always around in the middle of the day? “I thought you were, like, 26.”Was he sweet-talking me?” he asked.“For the last few months I have been,” I said. “It’s my last year of law school.”“Never leave a job without another,” I told him. I looked the same age as my friends, but maybe the dormlike context had fooled him.In sweats, no makeup and with my hair piled in a bun, I would go out and ring their bell around 11 p.m. I had no income, and rent was almost ,000 a month.(early, even by my geriatric standards) to ask them to quiet down. When I signed the lease, I didn’t realize the place had so many student renters, people who understandably liked to party. I wasn’t dating because I hadn’t figured out how to positively spin my unemployment story. So I hope you get a younger neighbor the next go-round.”“I never would have guessed 37,” he said.People had warned me about this, but it was only after I’d done it that I realized how true it was. I’m moving in with my mom in Brooklyn.”“That sucks,” he said, then added: “It’s not me blasting music. He was always the kindest and most apologetic when I got angry. That afternoon we ran into each other again; he was in a suit headed to an interview. Two weeks later, my friend Diana and I were sitting at a nearby bar, drinking vodka sodas and looking at her Tinder app, when my 23-year-old neighbor popped up.“Swipe right! “Tell him you’re out with me.”She swiped, they matched, and she told him I was with her.

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