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Well the way I see it is this, if someone is going on dates with multiple guys, such as first dates to find the right one to continue dating, then there shouldn't be an issue.

It's when you decide to continue dating one of those people that I think you should have the talk to see if they're dating other people and make sure you're on the same page.

I think that some of them know, some of them don't. She talks about this openly with other people as if it's normal, even with people who are friends with the guys she is dating.

A few months ago she expressed interest in dating me, and I kind of just ignored it because I know the last 7 guys she has dated of which one is a good friend of mine.

When people are intimate with the person that they're dating, they should DEFINITELY be exclusive. The one she ends up wanting to date exclusively is going to be the one to tell her that he is not sure he wants to get serious with her----that HE is dating two or three other girls.

Let's see how great she thinks that way of dating is after that.

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So maybe I just have this really old school view of dating, but I work with this girl who is often dating 3 guys at the same time.Should she potentially pass up an opportunity to be with someone that might turn into more, because she going out on a date with someone else?And you break it off with her for a stupid reason, You just might miss out on a good thing. But if she just starts dating them, no one knows what's going to happen, and you would cut her off before it began?Some of my friends (both guys and girls) tell me I'm crazy for not taking up the offer (she is good looking but definitely not my type), but I've always been the type to just see one girl at a time regardless of how serious it is and I wouldn't want to be the backup date to some other guy.I've never really even considered dating multiple girls at the same time.Until there is no commitment it is technically fair game for either person to do it.

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