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Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina on Tuesday night broke down in tears over her relationship Miracle.

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"I am a very calculative person, I like to take my time to analyse situations if you noticed in the house, I will do the same with Nina and I's situation".

Miracle tried to diffuse the situation surrounding his relationship with Nina by insisting this wasn't the right time to think about their relationship.

"This is the time to make money, my relationship with Nina will sort out itself naturally".

Miracle who won N1 Million for winning the Payporte Arena games also revealed that the Friday Games were his best moments in the house and Mondays were his worst days because of the nomination process The winner of the reality TV show, who walked away with a grand prize worth N45 million on Sunday night, revealed that the idea of pairings was great but an unexpected one by Big Brother.

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“This is the time to make money, my relationship with Nina will sort out itself naturally”.

‘Friday is always like my best days in the house, with all the movements and action, I really enjoyed it.” “It brought a bond between everybody, it was something new, and you know Big Brother always surprises us”. To SHRINK And NORMALIZE Your PROSTATE Within 15 Days Without Surgery Or Chemical Drugs, Click Here!!!

Miracle and Nina (MINA) were initially partners in the show, however the two ex-housemates got romantically involved with each other despite Nina revealing she was committed to a relationship outside the house.

The pilot admitted that he would like to analyse their relationship outside the four walls of Big Brothers house.

However, Nina speaking to Tobi about the situation, broke in tears, saying that she regrets ever dating Miracle. Once I don’t like you, as the days go by, I look for reasons to hate you. “I am the one pushing the friendship and it is because I care too much.

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