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Users can now present themselves as a bear, a dragon, a lion or a skull, as well as all existing Animojis.The new version of i OS introduces the ability for developers to introduce augmented reality (AR) experiences to their apps via ARKit, which lets developers incorporate vertical surfaces like walls, as well as horizontal surfaces, into their app designs, and map more accurately to different shapes, such as a round table.

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For now, however, the former is restricted to the US and Canada, while the latter is available in the US only.

Shortly after the general release of i OS 11.3, Apple also made available the first developer beta of i OS 11.4.

Modern History :: Andhra Pradesh Andhra Prasesh : The legacy of Kammas in the modern history of Andhra Pradesh: Their embrace of education.

Among the non-Brahmin communities, Kammas were one of the first to take to education in large numbers.

Wardle said on his Objective-See blog that a Taiwanese friend of his said that every time she typed the word Taiwan or worse, received a message with a Taiwanese flag (:flag-tw:) it would crash the application on her (fully patched) i OS device.

This meant that anyone could crash her phone if they sent messages not only containing the word Taiwan but also any mention of the country. Wardle discovered that the cause of the bug was an intentional censorship feature built into every i Phone.

They were adept farmers and as a consequence of the changes that affected the economic landscape of rural India down the centuries, they became prosperous.

Kammas gradually diversified into other specialties such as films, media, academia, medicine, business, real estate, industries etc.

Even though they fall less in number to the Brahmin Social Reformers, Poets, famous Politicians in whole of Andhra history, they have gained good inroads in recent past. Kammas can claim credit for introducing modern agricultural techniques in the state.

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