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PHOTOGRAPH: 123“I noticed the suave, older man in the office almost instantly.

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It was going to be my first time with another man other than my boyfriend. RECIPE: Curry prawns with coconut rice After we became lovers, Henry and I would fondle each other in the office when no one was around.

None of our colleagues suspected what went on when my boss asked me into his room to help him, because everyone thought I was just a kid.

He also started confiding in me about his marital problems.

Even before he met me, he didn’t know what his wife did while he was at work or how she was spending his money.

He didn’t seem to talk to the women in the office and this made him all the more mysterious.

At that time, I was in a relationship with a childhood friend.

My new boss turned out to be my mysterious man and I discovered that he was almost twice my age. He initially thought I was an irresponsible kid, but his attitude softened when I showed concern for a colleague who was ill.

I also learnt that he had a family when I answered phone calls from his wife and children. Henry started personally grooming me to take on more responsibilities at work.

But it didn’t stop me from fantasising about what it would be like to date this older man.

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