Dating marriage online ruining

According to The researchers presented grocery store shoppers with six jam samples on one table, and 24 jam samples on another.

Twenty percent more customers were drawn to the table with 24 choices.

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With so many choices in dating, particularly with the rise of online sites and apps, what should make dating easier than ever seems to make it impossibly stressful.

"Michelle's case might be extreme, but the sentiment behind it is common.

For modern singles, the supply has never been so big and the incentive to choose so small.

Thus matches go un-messaged, messages go unanswered and so many online conversations never turn into offline dates.

There’s a reason that an extroverted creative type like me isn’t going to naturally run across an introverted mathematician. We call it social media, but it’s becoming more just media media. Online dating may also seem like a worthy activity, especially if you’re seeking companionship.

It’s because we have so little in common, virtually zero overlap. They’re showing you approximately 8% of your friend’s status updates and messages. But the illusion created by social media makes us think we have a pretty good idea of who these “potentials” say they are, and what they look like today, while in truth we don’t.

I walked away from our last meeting wondering, “Am I the one pushing this one along? What I really need to pursue is my dream and my creative output. And if I want to meet a match, I need to put myself and my life in the places where “she” already is.

I am confident that if I do that, the rest will follow.

Hence the "paradox" of choice., modern dating is a never-ending conveyor belt of jam jars, with a seemingly unlimited variety and a bottomless supply.

This leads some daters to abstain from actively dating, like Michelle.

Here are just a few examples of how online profiles lie.

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