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TV series - More about Superman's Kryptonian religious beliefs - Additional published excerpts from Superman comics illustrating the character's religious background - The wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane - Batman asks Superman about his death and subsequent resurrection - Additional articles about Superman's Jewish roots - Superman as Nietzsche's - Additional articles about Superman's religious affiliation - Superman's politics - Discussion and opinion - Related Articles on Other Websites Superman is the archetypal costumed super-hero.

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This does not mean, however, that the adult Superman attends weekly church services (he does not).

If asked if he is a Methodist, the adult Superman would not answer "no," but he would defer answering such a pointedly denominational question by suggesting that he respects people of all faiths and backgrounds and considers himself a servant of all humanity.

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The creation of Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent was a manifestation of the desire by Siegel and Shuster to "pass" in mainstream population and also to assert control in a world that had often left them feeling powerless, such as when Siegel's father was murdered.

As is often the case with a character or franchise of extraordinary longevity, Superman has been reconceived multiple times ("retconned" in comic book parlance).

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