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I knew that he didn’t drink, that he was lazy when it came to exercise, and that he always first wanted to see the good in someone no matter how obviously wrong the person was- something on which we have had multiple fights.

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To the left, a person with long hair sits leaning against some pillows, a laptop resting on their lap and earphones on.

The room is in shades of orange and red and an open window shows the night sky. As a part of my work, I started interacting closely with people with disabilities and naturally even more with the visually impaired community.

I say he was like that, because in five years of friendship, he has remarkably changed.

I remember asking him, around six months after we began hanging out as friends, ‘You seem much more confident, can I ask you what changed? Before you, no girl has gone out with me or rather asked me out even just for a coffee or just to chill alone. Thank you for just reawakening that human side of me and infusing it with confidence and warmth.’I always knew that people with disabilities lost out on so many social interactions.

Nights were scary and mornings brought no enthusiasm. Ashutosh was not the beacon of light in that darkness, but he just held my hand and showed me that the darkness can be lived through in comfortable and happy ways.

Instead of the warm emotion and empathy I felt I deserved at that point, he said, ‘Shut up and look at yourself. This is just a phase and I can tell you are going to be big in life, no one will be able to stop you, no man, and no heartbreak.’ And this was not just pep talk.When I arrived, I was told that more people had been invited, and Ashutosh was one of them. For me, it was another proof of his supposed disruptive behaviour and to add to it, he did the thing that annoyed me the most: he tried to smoothly pay the bill in a group.Aggravated, I shoved my share of the bill in his hand and hopped into a rickshaw and yelled goodbye to the group.He would often say, ‘Goyal, for me you are royal, but move your ass and stop pitying yourself.’In our initial months of friendship, I would often lie awake at night, mulling over the next day, hoping it would not be even worse than the one just gone by. It is dark and smothering and definitely seems unending.During many of these sleepless nights, Ashutosh, by then Ashu for me, would simply stay on the other end of the phone while I lay awake miserably.He seemed to be an introvert, someone who spoke very little and observed carefully.

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