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Similar to most other North Frisian islands, Sylt allows cars and there are several options of getting your car on the island, though driving it yourself isn't one of them.

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After Germany lost its harbour with direct Sylt connections due to World War I, some other mode of transportation to the island had to be found and with neither air nor car travel commonplace, a railway only causeway was the logical consequence.

The Hindenburgdamm (named for the rather infamous conservative/reactionary Reichspräsident that made Hitler chancellor in 1933) has connected the island to the mainland ever since and remains railway only, although some trains do transport cars.

Several segments of the beach are officially declared as FKK (German for "nudist"), but these designations carry little weight; nude and non-nude bathers are tolerated everywhere.

A typically German thing to do at the beach is renting a Strandkorb (a wooden roofed beach chair) and just sitting in it and relaxing.

While a feminist intelligence can be found in the needlework itself, there is also an evocation of the stereotype of a virgin in opposition with the one of a whore.

Saskia Van Kampen condemns, in this series of the same name, the roles that are dictated and imposed by society in the form and the technique that she uses.

With the help of a needle and thread, she covers (or dresses) parts of the models that are photographed in a suggestive manner whether it is at the beach, in a car or a pool.

Ironically, the objectification of these women and of the embroidery is, in these artworks, equally oppressive as repressible.

The artist uses this technique on paper, a medium that is obviously much more difficult to use than fabric and that will keep the trace of the needle, weakening the resistance of the support in the medium.

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