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1913 Arrival of Fraulein Kuebler ("Miss Fraulein") as new governess. 1914 Saturday Aug 4: Lady Elizabeth celebrates her 14th birthday in a box at the Coliseum Theatre, London, watching a Charles Hawtrey show. December: Lady Elizabeth's swift action in telephoning local fire brigades and organising human chain to remove valuables helps save Glamis from a disastrous conflagration. He writes to his mother, Queen Mary (who soon comes to see for herself): "It is delightful here and Elizabeth is very kind to me. Lady Elizabeth's friendship with the Duke of York continues without arriving at the widely expected betrothal.

1917 Michael, a captain in the Royal Scots, is reported dead but it is later discovered that he is in a German hospital with a serious head wound. The Strathmores invite the Duke of York over to Glamis from Balmoral. Appointed District Commissioner of Glamis and Eassie Parish Girl Guides. The more I see of her the more I like her." 1922 February: Lady Elizabeth becomes a national celebrity as one of the eight bridesmaids to Princess Mary, who marries Viscount Lascelles (later 6th Earl of Harewood) at Westminster Abbey . Queen Mary's lady-in-waiting and confidante, the Countess of Airlie, noted that Lady Elizabeth was "frankly doubtful, uncertain of her feelings and afraid of public life which would be asked of her as the King's daughter-in-law." Learning of his second son's intentions, King George V observes, "You'll be a lucky fellow if she accepts you." The legend is that Lady Elizabeth twice turned down the Duke's proposals of marriage, though in later life the Queen Mother denied this story.

September: David sent to private school at Broadstairs. 1915 Lady Elizabeth plays pranks on the soldiery, escorting her brother David in drag round the wards and substituting Yip I Addy Ay for Handel as the harmonium voluntary at Sunday service in the chapel.

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Table of Contents Peter Biggins, in collaboration with Thomas Roderick, made a presentation on the Clan Colla Project on November 6, 2011, at Family Tree DNA's 7th Annual International Conference on Genetic Genealogy in Houston, Texas.

The presentation concluded with the following summary: The presentation was created by Peter and Tom along with fellow Clan Colla project administrators, Josiah Mc Guire and Patrick Mc Mahon. He had attended the conferences every year since 2006.

As only about 27% of STR testers partook of SNP testing, the aim of this work was to populate/expand the resultant SNP Tree with STR data to determine the most likely clades for the majority of Project members.

"This is an attempt to draw together the various findings collected to date (July 2018) on descendants of Clan Colla.

"Separately and over a much longer period, STR data has been accumulating.

These two (mutational) systems operate independently of each other to produce two separate data sets, the STR one defining members of the Colla population and membership of the Clan Colla 425 Null Project.

1900 Saturday Aug 4 Born in London (exactly where remains unidentified though there is a theory that the birth took place in a horse-drawn ambulance).

Younger daughter and ninth child of Lord Glamis, eldest son and heir of 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and his wife, the former Nina Cecilia ("Celia") Cavendish-Bentinck, a clergyman's daughter from the Duke of Portland's family.

After tea the Prince is supposed to have said, "Don't go away"; and Lady Elizabeth to have replied, "I won't, if you want me to stay." Neither later recalled this encounter or exchange. Bridesmaid at wedding of her brother Patrick to Lady Dorothy Osborne.

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