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Or just enjoy the interaction between Fijians and kids - it's heart warming.5 Machete wielding men are no threat The first time you see it, you will do a double take, as my friend Sharon did on her first visit to Fiji.I'm talking about large, muscly men casually carrying a machete as they amble down the road.

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Non verbal communication plays a much larger part in daily life.

Raising your eyebrows once can hail a taxi from the other side of the road, a single eyebrow raise has a different meaning altogether; while raising your eyebrows twice is different again!

The cities themselves are not particularly attractive (give Nadi a wide berth; the capital Suva, while not particularly beautiful, has more to offer), and the mainland beaches are hit and miss.

Set sail for the outer islands however and the scenery is gob smackingly beautiful.

Wherever you go, locals will holler Bula in welcome.

Its literal meaning is "life," and means anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more.

Fijians are typically ambiguous communicators, and it can be difficult to get a straight answer.

This is believed to be due the fact there is only 10,000 odd words in the Fijian language.

In some parts of Fiji brothers and sisters do not associate socially, have limited interaction, and only speak to each other indirectly (i.e. These customs were introduced to prevent inbreeding.12 You'll try kava and probably won't like it When visiting Fiji, you will have the opportunity to take part in a traditional kava ceremony – an important cultural and social custom.

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