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The “Out of Africa” hypothesis of modern human origins emerged in the mid-1980s, when paleoanthropologists such as Günter Bräuer in Germany (e.g., ref. The single African origin notion received an enormous boost from molecular systematics when DNA comparisons (28, 29) began strongly supporting earlier conclusions based on proteins (30) that Africa had been the ultimate source of modern human populations worldwide.

Over the last quarter-century, evidence on both the molecular and the fossil fronts has accumulated to the point where there can be little doubt that humankind ultimately originated in Africa.

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, is highly autapomorphic (uniquely derived) among hominids in the structure of its skull and postcranial skeleton.

It is also sharply distinguished from other organisms by its unique symbolic mode of cognition.

Nonetheless, until recently there was room for uncertainty over which thoracic/pelvic condition was derived within the genus (KNM-WT 15000 from West Turkana in Kenya) shows a weakly conical thorax and, as reconstructed, only a modestly wide pelvis (17).

Still, it belonged to an immature and thus incompletely developed individual.

Morphological delineation of , except for the bipartite brow and/or the chin.

Among such specimens are Border Cave 5, Boskop, Fish Hoek, Klasies River Mouth (except for AP 6222), and maybe Cave of Hearths (4, 31).Without the ability to date archaeological sites and specific contexts within them, archaeologists would be unable to study cultural change and continuity over time.No wonder, then, that so much effort has been devoted to developing increasingly sophisticated and precise methods for determining when events happened in the past.Instead, it is a complex structure in the form of an inverted “T,” in which a vertical keel bounded by lateral depressions meets a basal transverse bar running between lateral tubercles (4, 12).(13), that of modern humans is slender and delicately built; and although the Neanderthal rib cage is conical, tapering distinctly upwards from a broad base that matches the markedly flaring iliac blades of the pelvis, in the thorax is barrel-shaped.Beyond this, however, the picture is a little hazy.

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