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When a man meets a woman, what’s happening is that their external directed behaviors are meeting and the woman only gets a glimpse into what the man could be like.

In psychology these kinds of behaviors are called ‘personas’.

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They try to trigger emotions in you and want to see if you can remain cool and in control. All of these follow one simple idea…ALWAYS REMAIN COOL!

Many times women will tease you, in some cases even insult you or want to see how you react if she flirts with another guy. Way #1: Laugh about yourself If she teases or offends you, then be amused by it. The purpose of it is to show her that there is nothing out there that gets you nervous.

If she is teasing you like in the example above then get her to justify herself. Don’t say that you are not interested in her as this would be a step back and a sign of weakness.

Of course you are interested in her otherwise you wouldn’t have approached her in the first place, but with your comment you achieve a shift of power – away from her to you. You could do this even more aggressively by saying ‘ Not only will she smile, but you’ll also have a funny and interesting conversation.

Create situations where the true self will actually come out. You must have an idea about how much he earns according to that, create a situation and tell him that it's very urgent for you and you are in need of this much money, DON' T ask him straight, His stand in this situation will let you see clearly inside him.

I've never heard of the 'test' your sister mentions. When you escalate physically, do you do it in a way that is sensitive to your potential partner's level of comfort?

But be assured there is a very good reason behind why boys choose to do so.

There are people out there who are fakers and posers wearing masks on their faces of fake expressions and fake beauty.

They are part of a woman’s portfolio to find the right guy. She will conclude that you are not self-assure and will think of you as unattractive.

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