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On Tuesday morning, Lucian Wintrich, the author of the initial Gateway Pundit story, tweeted that the Parkland students were “milking the deaths of their peers for their careers.” Pro-Trump media sites like Infowars, Big League Politics, and True Pundit quickly picked up the talking points, adding their own spin.

They dug up old photos of Hogg on a tour of CNN’s studios in Atlanta years ago, as well as a clip of Hogg being interviewed on a California local news broadcast last year for reasons completely unrelated to gun violence — offering each as proof of Hogg’s anti-Trump agenda.

Outside the fever swamps, the attacks against the Parkland students have been largely regarded as the logical conclusion of a media apparatus with a knee-jerk reaction toward conspiracy theories to counter factual reporting and spin political narratives.

But for those who’ve paid close attention to the pro-Trump media’s tactics, the attacks on the Parkland students feel different — and not just because of their toxicity.

By Tuesday afternoon, posts ricocheted across the internet, accusing Hogg of being a paid crisis actor who pretends to be a victim during national tragedies in order to exploit them for political gain.

On Facebook alone, Hogg “crisis actor” posts racked up hundreds of thousands of shares in just a few hours; similarly, You Tube’s top trending video accused Hogg of being an actor.

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By antagonizing underage survivors of a national tragedy, the pro-Trump media abandoned its usual play for the moral high ground and made an uncharacteristic miscalculation: It chose a popular, deeply sympathetic, nonpolarizing political enemy.

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