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In the video, Mac Miller and Ariana kissed although it was completely directed.

Ariana and Jai briefly broke up around that time and many fans believed it was because of the kiss.

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When the music video for "Almost Is Never Enough" came out, some fans became suspicious of a romantic connection between Ariana and Nathan.

They did not directly deny it, and only said that they were young and trying to figure everything out but said they would tell their fans if there was anything to tell.

Together, they filmed the music video and performed the song on many occasions which caused them to spend an increasing amount of time together.

On August 6, Jai posted a picture on Instagram to celebrate his 10 month anniversary with Ariana. Not many long distance relationships workout, but ours is different.

Ariana said that it was completely false and that Jai was just trying to get his "fifteen minutes of fame." However, sometime in early 2014 Jai and Ariana began dating again but broke up again in July.

Jai has a twin brother named Luke Brooks and an older brother named Beau Brooks.

Thank you For the life long memories, I love you and happy 10 months @arianagrande ❤ ps.

Sorry this was so mushy." It seemed that Jariana was still strong but around a week later Ariana confirmed that she and Jai had broken up.

Jai, however, said he wasn't mad about it and he knew it was just acting for the video.

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