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At this time they began publishing postcards, many with unusual pictorial backs to promote their services.

For many years this company ran under the shadow of the Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railroad, and by 1918 it was merged into the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. A novelty dealer and important publisher of national view-cards and Western themes in photo-chromolithography.

In the De Golyer collections, there are also examples of early photographic processes and formats covering the history of photography such as daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, stereographs, cartes de visite, photographically illustrated books, real photographic postcards, and albumen and gelatin silver prints from ca. Materials from the De Golyer Library is a subset of the items contained in the U. West: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints digital collection that contains photographs, images, albums, and more, relating to the Fred Harvey Co. Items in Central University Library Digital Collections are digitized following the SMU Central University Libraries Digitization Guidelines and Procedures.

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These cards may bare either the name of Runta, Vontobel, or K. All cards were printed in color gravure and have white borders with an irregular edge.

The Tanner cards are labeled with a very cursive font.

This firm began by opening a gallery in Beirut selling art and antiquities, and then went on to produce crafted objects and furniture in oriental design.

There popularity allowed them to expand into Damascus, and then Jerusalem, Cairo, and Alexandria.

De Golyer Library digital collections are part of CUL Digital Collections, which contain thousands of digitized photographs, manuscripts, imprints, and works of art held by SMU's Central University Libraries special collections.

Included are photographs by such important Western landscape photographers as Carleton Watkins, Andrew Russell, Alexander Gardner, William Henry Jackson, John Hillers, Charles Roscoe Savage, F.

The De Golyer houses extensive photographic collections totaling over 900,000 images.

West: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints digital collection provides a sample of the photographs, images, albums, and more, relating to the U. In general, collecting at the De Golyer Library emphasizes the American West, the borderlands, exploration, business history and transportation, particularly the railroads.

Jay Haynes, Edward Curtis, Robert Benecke and Laura Gilpin. West: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints digital collection, the De Golyer Library is making available all or part of a growing number of its accessions: Fred Harvey Co.

The De Golyer has several rare Western accessions, including Alexander Gardner’s 1867 portfolio, Across the Continent on the Kansas Pacific Railroad (Route of the 35th Parallel), which is one of only four known copies of this early, significant western landscape project. Materials from the De Golyer Library Fred Harvey Co. Materials from the De Golyer Library were annotated in 2013 by Carrie Johnston, an SMU English Ph D graduate candidate, as part of a Digital Humanities project with SMU Central University Libraries.

In 1904 with the founding of Mount Rainier National Park their business greatly grew with the influx of tourists.

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