Dating depot

You don’t want to catch them off guard, because that would be unfair.

They may feel betrayed, or scared, and you don’t want to make your sweetheart feel that way! This demonstrates that incontinence does not control your life.

They will want to learn more about you, and hope to emulate your energy.

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These drinks could increase your incontinence symptoms.

You may also feel uncomfortable leaving the table for frequent restroom visits.

rn Living with incontinence is a lifestyle most people don’t understand.

Dating is also a concept most people don’t understand. Many incontinent people find it hard to get out in the dating world because of the stigma surrounding incontinence.

You improve the things you can, put your best foot forward, and strive to be healthy and well-groomed. You understand appearance does not define you or reflect your ability to be successful.

Confident people have enough self-respect to stay fit and eat healthy foods because they know their bodies deserve to be cared for properly. But how am I supposed to look attractive when wearing adult briefs?

They may not have known what incontinence really is.

Or they may have feared they are signing up for sharing your struggles.

rn Suggesting an activity (in close proximity to a bathroom) is a great option for dating with incontinence.

Something like mini golf or a cooking class would be perfect!

So don’t feel like you need to bring up your incontinence right away. Bring skin-sensitive disposable wipes, disinfectant spray and protective moisturizing cream for a quick clean up, so you can get right back to your date (and maintain your hygiene at the same time, to avoid infection).

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