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I cancelled my account and demanded a refund of the most recent payment (which in fairness I did receive) and chalked up the previous month's payment as a lesson in checking before buying. This man says 'someone' posted a picture of him on a dating site, and he gets a dozen emails a week from women all over the world... She was a professional in telling my husband all the things he wanted to hear and convinced him that they should have a future together.

How did this scamming person get his photo AND his email address? I could see someone setting up a scam and using a fake photo...if that was the case, don't you think they would use some fake email address also, so who ever they are scamming deals with them, the scammers, and not the real person??? She then began to ask him to send her money, because she was in distress.

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Use extreme caution and ask for multiple recent photos....maybe a web cam?

I've run into so many scammers, I've lost count.

I was contacted by a man several years ago- with all the info above showing on his profile. End the communication and report the person to the fating sites abuse group.

It moved quickly to IM and he told me that he had a home near me . I did a little research and found that the address he provided was a home for sale- a little further digging . I found that the home was in foreclosure and had been vacant for a year. Keep your eyes open, ask questions and if something seems like it is too good to be true . Sometimes it's not a scammer ON a dating site, but the site itself. One dating site I was a member of seemed to have a lot of activity but the more time I spent talking with these women the more it became obvious that they were frauds.

Everyone involved in an internet relationship should review all the pictures and beware of the signs. if you look close most of them are profectional pics.

there is a web site you can check on i believe if you google it you will find it under nigerian scammers.I’ve heard some real horror stories, and I’ll share some more details with you when we’re ready to air our report in the next week or two.On my yearbook there is a man who says his name is Eddy Jackson. Gives a story about how scared he is and wants someone to send him money to come home.The also say that they live local but are working out of the country on contractor jobs- building roads etc...I can usually identify the frauds early just by paying attention to the signs.We’re wondering how widespread this is around the country.

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