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That prevents any connection because the conversation is superficial.

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Don’t try to script out an entire conversation with a woman you haven’t even met yet. It’s impossible to plan for every possible answer, question, and counter she might have.

You’ll also get stuck in your head and not talk to her at all.

Here are some different ways to pick up a girl at her work. Coffee shop This is one I’ve done many times and it works great. I’ve gotten numbers while ordering my drink on the go.

Sometimes after getting to know the baristas by being a regular.

3) When you see her, say “Hey” and when she answers, throw your observation in 4) Ask her how long she’s been there 5) Say “I’ve got to run, but it’d be great to catch up again for a coffee or something” 6) If she says yes, give her your phone and ask her to put her contact in You saw her working at the local coffee shop, a girl in an office, or while you were grocery shopping.

She was cute, damn cute, but you didn’t know how to ask her out while she’s working.

Whether it’s for sex, dating or a long term relationship, your basic approach is going to be the same.

Thinking too far ahead and worrying about a relationship cause hesitation.

Don’t worry about all the details, just talk to her first. All relationships develop out of attraction for one another. Most guys will go for girls at work because they don’t feel like they have other options.

This can this create an awkward situation if she’s not into it.

You won’t be bound by whomever happens to be nearby. If you still want to talk to that girl at work here is one way to go about it: From Quora: 1) Pick a spot where you regularly meet her (e.g.

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