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Date outfits for a get together with a new suitor need to be deliberately planned.

Hint: The most flattering item to wear on a date is a top or dress in your favorite lipstick color, guaranteed to bring out the sexiest, most romantic side of Don't dress for a date like someone a friend wouldn't recognize.

In other words, don't present yourself as someone you aren't.

Rose Jubb, a wardrobe stylist in Portland who specializes in helping women claim more confidence and reach their goals, tells me, "The one thing a woman should never wear on a date is anything that makes her feel like someone she is not. Be yourself, but the slightly polished version, and you'll reel in the keepers who love you for you." Pause the perfume, people.

April Davis, Dating Expert, and CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking, says to nix fragrance, which might seem counterintuitive, since aromas can be sexy, alluring, and allow your date to remember you. "Sure, your favorite scent makes you feel like a bombshell," Davis tells me. We're all sensitive to smell and if you chose the wrong scent, you might be risking it all!

Or the top that won't stay up and you keep having to pull it up.

Or those 'killer' stilettos that are really killing your feet.But unfortunately, on a date, they give off a hooker vibe." You're not going for Julia Roberts in before she went shopping with Richard Gere's credit cards on Rodeo Drive.You also don't want to send an overtly sexy message that makes you appear too available or — even worse — easy. Antonia Hall, a psychologist, relationship and dating expert, and award-winning author, warns against clothes that don't quite fit, especially those that are too small, when you're getting ready for a date.Play up your allure and your mystique, rather than strutting around in this sort of attention-seeking (and getting! "If your clothes are too tight, it tells the person that you have low self-esteem and are trying to gain attention in the wrong ways," she says.You'll also be fidgeting and fussing with your clothes, which is distracting for parties."What if you need to go to the bathroom and you can't undo the zipper? "If your clothes are baggy and loose, you'll look like you didn't put in an effort and just don't really care." Instead, Hall recommends that you "wear something that fits and shows off your figure without being too sexual and you'll make the best impression." Baggy may be comfy, but wear something that you love, that fits just right, and shows off the real you!

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