Dating christian men children

It’s weird how the only person without fault is me—and Carey Purcell!

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I have all the holidays memorized and know the name of the Bible.

I think it’s cute when Catholics eat that little cracker at Mass, and it was adorable when my Christian boyfriends would buy chocolate before Easter. Turns out an animal doesn’t make them—they’re from a candy factory, little Christian miracles each and every one. The first one I seriously dated invited me to his family’s Christmas celebration and even let me put a tinsel on the tree.

After a few bad experiences, I’ve deemed Christians an absolute no-no.

I won’t ever date one again, no matter what, because all Christian men are Christianity.

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What makes so many Christians feel at home on our site is how we help soul-mates meet.At my very first job in New York, a colleague informed me, “We get the full week of Christmas off, and typically our holiday party is the Friday before.” She was referring to the Christian holiday that most of my colleagues celebrate: Christmas.I grew up in a Jewish family, and though I’ve found it tolerable, even fun, to work with Christians, I’ve found that dating white Christian men is a whole other kringle!A brown-haired man ghosted me, so I won’t be making that mistake again.A neurosurgeon once wore some really foul cargo shorts, so I don’t date medical professionals.Just wondering,” and he would go quiet, mutter something under his breath, and then go clean up a vase I had thrown against the wall. He said I was “obsessed” with our religious differences and was “condescending” and “emotionally manipulative,” which I’ve come to learn is a typical Christian-guy complaint.

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