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I’ll kick off this list with an addon that will help you manage your addons!

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Personally, I’m a big fan of the Mini-Map and the Quickslot Bar, though if I were a more active quester, I’d likely be using the Quest Log that Sensi added with the launch of Patch 3.0.

To fully understand the wondrous nature of this addon, you first need to try spending more than 5 minutes stumbling through the ridiculously clumsy default Guild Store interface in of your time by comparison.

Among Nords, as well as others who can trace lineage to the Ehlnofey that stood at Lorkhan's side, Shor is often held in great reverence.

Venerated as a Chief-God alongside Akatosh despite his status as "deceased," and as the noble Lord of Sovngarde, many Nordic characters are heard to swear by Shor, and his name is regularly invoked in expressions of emotion.

In this article, I’ll be going through my top 25 favorite addons for – and while this list is by no means exhaustive, it absolutely is comprehensive – there are mods here that will help enhance your awareness in combat and improve your interface, as well as mods that offer basic utility improvements and streamline your gameplay.

I’ve also provided links to each of the different addons mentioned in this article below – so make sure to go check out any of the ones that are of interest to you!is remarkably flexible, and allows players and fans to develop their own handy tools to make their lives easier and more fun in-game.But you don’t need to be fluent in any code languages to enjoy the fruit of other peoples’ labor – thanks to the community over at, any player can upload and share their work with the masses.Advanced Filters is one of those “quality of life” addons that many players just wish would have been implemented into the game’s base UI in the first place.Basically, it does exactly what you’d think it would do – add more granular subcategories to help filter through your Bank, Inventory, and in Guild Stores.Universally recognized as the divinity most responsible for the world's creation, interpretations of Shor differ between the cultures of Men and Mer in particular: The former often view him as a patron and fallen hero-god to mortal kind, whereas the latter uniformly vilify him as a trickster or demon-god, responsible for separating their immortal essence from the spirit world.

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