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36 DIRECTORY OF SAILPLANES Aircraft and plans-built planes of this category for the homebuilder; compiled by Julia Downie.

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72 WARBIRD POWER Converting automobile engines to aircraft use seems one of the better ways to get power to a scaled warbird; by Robert 0. 86 ROTORCRAFT FLY-IN Of people and places and flying machines; by Dave Martin.

91 CLASSIFIED BUILDER Readers keep in touch through offering products, services and helpful hints. 96 KITSTUFF Whether you're down in the designer dumps or collapsing in construction clashes, put the grinstuff back on; by cartoonist Robrucha.

6 KITPLANES PRODUCT NEWS Good new items for the builder and owner of custombuilt aircraft.

12 TWICE AROUND THE PATCH News and views of what's going on in the wide, wonderful and sometimes slightly wacky world of selfbuilt aircraft; by Dennis Shattuck.

JANUARY,1985 2 NEW CATEGORIES-NEW INTEREST Proposed new categories for recreational aircraft could indeed spark needed new interest in aviation; an editorial by Dennis Shattuck.

4 INTERCOM Readers write in for answers to questions they have about kitplanes.

24 MULTI-FACETED GEMS Miller's Gem-260 comes from a long line of sport planes that combine speed with efficiency; by Howard Levy.

30 HOMEBUILTS IN ENGLAND Variety was in the air at Cranfield, England's answer to Oshkosh; by Geoffrey P. 35 RALLY ROUND THE WULF The Focke Wulf 190 flies again over Guernsey Island skies, due to native Mike Parr's prize-winning construction; by Geoffrey P. 39 HOMEBUILTS IN EUROPE European birds of exotic feathers flew into Brienne for a weekend of homebuilt fun; by Geoffrey P. 44 JOHN THORP, MASTER DESIGNER Few men have influenced the shape of today's light aircraft to the extent of designer/pilot Thorp; by Don Downie.

48 THORP'S BIRDS In Thorp's hands, metal becomes a dynamic medium, which molds around powerplant, pilot and payload; by Don Downie.

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