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In a previous post we more or less predicted that an Ariane Dating Simulator update was in the pipeline but that it would be finished 8 days after the A second strip club scenario, where Rebecca and Ariane both compete in the Consult the 4.65 walkthrough at.

You can now strip and dance for Ariane and Rebecca Oh, while I'm at it: since I havent seen a walkthrough for the new 6.45 scenes yet (may.

When creating the original pictures, sometimes I saved the 3D files, and sometimes I saved the TIF file renders.

Meanwhile, I’m still not done with the set building and rendering on the current project.

Got a dozen or so more pics to do spread over two sets I have yet to build.

Now with a 3D set, I can give all the pictures new angles and play with the lighting some more.

Then there are pictures like the museum pic at the top, which is both an all new pose, and an all new set.

This one looks very pretty, especially with the reflections on the marble floor. There are musical instruments on the stage for a band that will appear in the sequel, but for the current club scene, I just created a DJ.

The DJ Booth by the way is nothing but a black box.

I may release what I have so far as a “beta” release, haven’t decided yet.

Anyways, here’s another preview of what I have been up to: Above is a new museum set, the old one was a screenshot from a video game, and looked lame.

Ariane B, probably the best - free - adult dating simulation game in the world, has been recently upgraded to The second walkthrough on this blog tells you how to get acquainted with Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca Ask Ariane to dance Go back to.

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under certain circumstances, to continue the date with Ariane, with Rebecca sleeping in If I understand you well you want to see Ariane and Rebecca go to the strip club, but with Ariane in her street clothes, right?

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