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In fact, he or she often appears needy to you, but this makes you feel strong and self-sufficient by comparison. But if the relationship is threatened, you pretend to yourself that you don’t have attachment needs and bury your feelings of distress.

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We’re wired for attachment – why babies cry when separated from their mothers.

Depending especially upon our mother’s behavior, as well as later experiences and other factors, we develop a style of attaching that affects our behavior in close relationships.

This is because intimate relationships unconsciously stimulate your attachment style and either trust or fear from your past experiences.

It’s normal to become dependent on your partner to a healthy degree. You can assess your partner’s style by their behavior and by their reaction to a direct request for more closeness.

They characterize the feelings and behavior of pursuers and distancers described in my blog, Each one is unconscious of their needs, which are expressed by the other. Pursuers with an anxious style are usually disinterested in someone available with a secure style. The anxiety of an insecure attachment is enlivening and familiar though it’s uncomfortable and makes them more anxious.

It validates their abandonment fears about relationships and beliefs about not being enough, lovable, or securely loved.

To determine your style, take this designed by researcher R. You accept your partner’s minor shortcomings and treat him or her with love and respect.

You don’t play games or manipulate, but are direct and able to openly and assertively share your wins and losses, needs, and feelings.

They tend to become defensive and attack or withdraw, escalating conflict.

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